Marsaxlokk Football Club


(Statistics are correct upto and including 22nd February 2004)

This section is divided in two parts.  The First Part covers players who began their career with Marsaxlokk (when we played in the 2nd and 3rd Division) and, after joining top clubs, played also for the National TeamThese are CHARLES CASSAR and DAVID CARABOTT.

The Second Part gives information and statistics of players who played/are playing with the National team while playing for our club.  These include DAVID CARABOTT, RICHARD BUHAGIAR and ETIENNE BARBARA who are playing with the Maltese National Team.  The list includes also DONATAS VENCEVICIUS who is a current Lithuanian International.

After playing with Marsaxlokk FC, Charles Cassar was transferred to St George's FC and, later, with Hibernians FC. With Hibs FC, he won the Championship 3 times and twice the FA Trophy. He played twice with the Maltese National team in the late Seventies.

Charles Cassar (squating first from left) with the National Team

David Carabott played for Marsaxlokk in the Eighties and was transferred to Hibernians FC in 1987. He played with Hibs until season 1999/2000 with whom he won twice the League Championship, once the FA Trophy and once the Super Cup. David was transferred to Valletta FC at the beginning of season 2000/2001 and formed part of the record breaking Valletta Team that won all the six domestic cups during that season - League Championship, FA Trophy, Lowenbrau Cup, Super Cup, Super 5 Cup and the historic Centenary Cup. David has also won the Rothmans Footballer of the Month 3 times - August 1994, February 1999 and April 1999.  David Carabott rejoined Marsaxlokk in July 2003 and is forming part of the team who is trying to obtain a place in Europe at the end of season 2003/2004.

David Carabott (standing second player from left) with the Valletta Team

With the national team David has played his 100th game on the 24th of April 2001, thus becoming the second Maltese player to enter the FIFA CLUB 100. Only 50 players in the world managed to reach such a number of appearances with their national team. Since then he has been chosen as the new captain of the national team and played another 21 games bringing his total with the national team to 121 appearances. Four of these appearances were obtained since he rejoined Marsaxlokk in the summer of 2003.  This makes him the most capped Maltese player. He has been playing with the national team since his debut vs Switzerland (1-1) on the 15th of November 1987. During these 14 years he has scored 12 goals including the only goal Malta has ever scored against the England National team. He has scored his last goal in the 2-2 draw against Isreal, a Qualifier for the European Championships in Portugal in 2004.

David Carabott scoring from the spot vs England (3rd June 2000)

David Carabott (squating second from left) with the National Team


Etienne began his career with Floriana establishing himself as one of the best players for his team.  He was the first major signing for Marsaxlokk in the Premier. He has been playing for Marsaxlokk since January 2003 and has played 28 goals, scoring 16 goals for Marsaxlokk.  Etienne made his debut for the National team against Israel on the 10th Sept 2003.  Since then he has played 5 times scoring 2 goals.  His full records are:

Date   Opponents Score Notes
10/09/03 EC Qual vs Israel 2-2  
14/02/04 Malt Int T'ment vs Maldova 0-0  
16/02/04 Malt Int T'ment vs Estonia 5-2 Scored 2 goals
18/02/04 Malta Int T'ment vs Belarus 0-4  
31/03/04 Friendly vs Finland 1-2  


Richard has been recalled with the national team after an absence of several years.  He began his career with Floriana and then moved for one year with Sliema.  After spending one year on loan with Marsaxlokk, at the beginning of this season he signed a 3-year contract to move for good with Marsaxlokk.

Date   Opponents Score Notes
31/03/04 Friendly vs Finland 1-2  



Information about David Carabott can be viewied by pressing here.  The full records of his national team games while playing with Marsaxlokk are:

Date   Opponents Score Notes
19/08/03 Friendly vs Luxembourg 1-1  
10/09/03 EC Qual vs Israel 2-2 Scored 1 goal
11/12/03 Friendly vs Poland 0-4  
18/02/04 Malta Int T'ment vs Belarus 0-4  


Donatas is one of the best foreigners ever to be signed by a local club.  He is a current Lithuanian International and joined our club in the summer of 2003.  His full statistics with the Lithuanian National Team while playing with Marsaxlokk are:

Date   Opponents Score Notes
10/09/03 EC Qual vs Faroe Islands 3-1 Scored 1 goal
11/10/03 EC Qual vs Scotland 0-1  
30/03/04 Friendly vs Israel 1-2  
28/04/04 Friendly vs Belarus 0-1  


Name Nationality Games Goals
Etienne Barbara Malta 5 2
Richard Buhagiar Malta 1 0
David Carabott Malta 4 1
Donatas Vencevicius Lithuania 4 1
TOTAL 14 4